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Security Alarms for Your Home

Here at All-Locks we like to offer a system that best suits your needs and working with 

multiple brands of Alarm Manufacturers are able to do so and with saying that we 

love having the opertunity to design and tailor make your alarm system for your house 

or buisnes and just to show you one of the better systems we have to offer please 

enjoy the short clip,


With the addition of the new TM50 multi colour code pads you have the capability 

of making you code pad blend in with the walls or you own personal portrait with

the feature of a removable SD card to add of photos of your own whilst been able

to drive you alarm system

we also offer sales service and repairs on multiple different brands of home alarms

 so if your alarm isn't working the way it used to or needs repair let us 

know we look forward to your enquiry


Security alarms